Working safely with hazardous products? Do the SDS check!

Check the SDS!

In just 5 minutes, you’ll have an insight into the quality of the SDS provided by your supplier. 
And you can ask for a new one, if necessary.

What do you need?
  • The SDS
  • The label from the substance that the SDS refers to, or a photo thereof
And if the SDS is not up to standard:
  • Your supplier's email address

You want to work in a healthy and safe manner with substances and mixtures. The safety data sheet (SDS) that you receive from your supplier is therefore vital. It contains all of the product properties. From the hazards and chemical composition, to information about protective equipment, safe usage, transport and disposal. 

It is important that your supplier completes the SDS accurately; he is legally bound to do so. If information is missing or incorrect, it could pose a danger to your employees. So do the SDS check! Then you can be sure that you can be safe.

About the SDS check

If the SDS is not up to standard

Is the SDS not up to standard or incomplete? With just a few clicks, you can ask your supplier for a new SDS. It’s that easy.